In Constant Use
6-14 July

A group show with Sebastian Buerkner, Neil Haas, Gaia Fugazza, Maude Maris, Haroon Mirza, Aimée Parrott, Clément Rodzielski, and David de Tscharner.
Curated by Joël Riff

Found and modified image, 2019

Installation View- David de Tscharner, Neil Haas, Clément Rodzielski

Aimée Parrott

Clément Rodzielski, Aimée Parrott

Aimée Parrott, Maude Maris, Clément Rodzielski

Gaia Fugazza, Sebastian Buerkner

Gaia Fugazza

Clément Rodzielski, Aimée Parrott, David de Tscharner

David de Tscharner, Haroon Mirza, Gaia Fugazza, Clément Rodzielski

Installation View, David de Tscharner, Haroon Mirza, Clément Rodzielski, Sebastian Buerkner

Maude Maris

Maude Maris

Aimée Parrott

Sebastian Buerkner, Haroon Mirza

Neil Haas

Gaia Fugazza, Neil Haas, Clément Rodzielski